Algorius Net Viewer 11.7.7 With Crack Download [New Version]

Algorius Net Viewer

Algorius Net Viewer 11.7.7 With Crack Download [Latest Version]

Algorius Net Viewer is a widespread network monitoring that meets the requirements of small, network, and large network administrators. It is related to the effective management of resources and allowing to monitor rapid resource and monitoring capabilities. The creation of a network map, an integral network masting, which creates a network map. The application can search for devices connected by network interfaces, IP bands, or scanned unique computers. It brings all the terminals, modems, brands, necessary tools, virtual parks, general curtains, etc. Although the list is very wide, you can add new types of devices to the library. At the same time, you can map it by managing zero maps, processing tools, links, satellites, and other structures, and show their features (name, IP address) and describe it. If available. Maps can be stored or exported as local numbers or map files.

Click on the right button on the map to reveal the menu, including the various events you can do. Algorius Net viewers allow direction t,o decline, check the port and send the Ping request to check the device status. It can be used to perform different technical tasks (restart, wake up, wake up, wake up, and enter the group Politics editor. The device may obtain info status of the status of each device and the status of the working service, but the notifications system may not work. The application creates a statistical report on all monitored devices and monitors the time of each device. Free download algorius net viewer 11 full version independent offline installer for Windows. It is a scalable network monitoring solution ready to meet the requirements of small, network, and extensive network administrators.

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It is a scalable network monitoring solution ready to meet the requirements of small, network, and extensive network administrators. It comes with advanced visualization and structure monitor allow for capabilities, which allow efficient management of resources and workstation solutions for workstation and server problems. He will visualize his network more prominently and conveniently and guide him through his network. It is the control panel of your network! It provides MIB SNMP browser, WMI browser, Wake On LAN, and many other profits. Device administration has never been so easy and convenient. He notifies you about unforeseen errors of network devices and will alert it to possible problems before your real occurrence. Admits notifications through SMS, Skype, email, and others.

Algorius Net Viewer is the designer of his network! Will visualize your network in the most obvious and convenient way and guide it Algorius Net Viewer: It’s the control panel of your network! Device administration has never been so easy and convincing. Algorius Net Viewer is the protection of your network! It works 24/7, controlling the health, of its services, servers, and other network devices. Alg Viewer is your personal assistant! You will notify you about all unforeseen, network devices, computers, or servers and alert it to possible problems before your real occurrence. Algorius Net Viewer is also the system to generate reports, keep records and create graphics. It will help you control the quality o,f the service, improve it, and do forecasts.

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Algorius Net Viewer is the rapid access capacity from wherever it is. Network maps, records, reports, graphics, real-time monitoring: you can access all that through the web interface. Algorius Net Viewer handles all collaborative work problems successfully. You can use centralized and distributed data storage, synchronization tools, backup, and much more. Algorius Net is the system for centralized and distributed monitoring. That allows high scalability, efficient and high-quality monitoring, and opens a form for its greater development.

Algorius Net Viewer is a computer network scheme editor. It can be used to show the network of server rooms, computer classrooms, shopping and offices, municipal districts, and other places in an illustrative way. The computer network scheme is shown in one or multiple maps. Maps allow you to see the entire network and its status instantly, get quick access to network administration and significantly simplify navigation. The network discovery wizard will help you find devices on the network and add them to the map. A variety of methods to find the devices (ARP, PING, NET BIOS, TCP, UDP, SNMP, WMI) allow us to find practically all devices and obtain information about them.

Algorius Net Viewer 11.7.7 Crack + Keygen Free Download

A collection of more than 160 devices is supplied in vector graphics format (SVG) with the application. You can expand the collection with your own devices in SVG, JPG, PNG; or GIF formats to create more precise schemes. You can specify the following information for devices: description, image, contact information, location, owner, netviewer, etc. Hyperlinks and email addresses are automatically recognized. This provides rapid access to the necessary information. The devices can be connected. The connections are shown as lines on the map. The ports and interfaces to which they are connected are shown on the lines. The red/green indicators show their status.

The layers allow the grouping of objects. Each map can contain a unique hierarchical structure of layers. There is a list of their objects that are shown under each layer, which simplifies the edition of maps and navigation to the devices. OpenStreetMap geographical maps can be used in schemes as a base layer. This allows us to place the devices with georeferencing and see their geographical location.

Algorius Net Viewer



Algorius Net Viewer is his guide for the computer network! Make network infrastructure display and sail easily.


Algorius Net Viewer is the computer network control panel! Be in command of computers and network devices without having to leave their workplace.


Algorius Net Viewer is in control of services, servers, and other network devices. Get your current state through SNMP, WMI, and other protocols.


Algorius Net Viewer is a system for information collection and record maintenance. Take into account the updated information on the use of equipment and software.


Algorius Net Viewer is a telegram notification, email, SMS, etc. Stay informed about any unforeseen errors and possible network devices.


Algorius Net Viewer is a report generator, records, and diagrams. Have objective information to analyze the work of the network infrastructure.

  • Web interface

Algorius Net Viewer is a web server. Get access to network maps, real-time monitoring, records, reports, and diagrams anywhere in the world.


Algorius Net Viewer is a system that allows you to monitor more than 100 devices in each instance. Develop your network, and the program will admit it.


  • Algorius Net Viewer can be installed and updated in seconds.
  • This allows you to start using the application immediately.
  • A long and expensive configuration process is not required after installation.
  • Even the configuration and start of the server are possible in automatic mode.
  • You do not need to write complex and multilevel scripts to configure it.
  • We value your time, so we strive to make complex things easy to use.
  • It is a unique system instead of a set of disparate applications.
  • This facilitates an integrated approach to addressing your network infrastructure.
  • It is a flexible system, not a final solution.
  • This allows you to expand and adapt your functionality to meet your specific needs.
  • It is for more than only large corporate systems distributed.
  • The application is designed to serve the infrastructure at any level.
  • You will not need large and expensive resources.
  • Even a medium-level computer is enough to work with tens of thousands of devices.
  • You will not need a separate license for each workspace.
  • It is enough to activate the license on the server.


  • Window XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor 2 GHz Intel Core
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 430 MB Hard Space
  • Personal use of free

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Algorius Net Viewer 11.7.7 With Crack Download [Latest Version]

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