Rapid PHP Editor Crack 2023 17.6.0 With Activation Key [Latest]

Rapid PHP Editor

Rapid PHP Editor Crack 2023 17.6.0 With Activation Key [Latest]

Rapid PHP Editor Crack 2023 is a comprehensive application that provides the use of programming languages, including PHP, HTML, and CSS. The Launch Configuration Wizard will help you create launch options. You can select the source file type (eg PHP, CSS, PL, XML, VBS, JS), file link, sample workspace (eg File Explorer only, IDE, full), and define the file to use for PHP validation. Text. In the last step, you can download documents from the WEB SERVER.

The interface is simple and well-organized. Thanks to File Explorer, you can quickly find the files to implement your project. In addition to text formatting (such as font, paragraph, emphasis, and color), hyperlinks, images, headings, tables, forms, tables, basic symbols, timestamps, and days, names can be added, but only marginally. CSS, PHP, and JavaScript commands have gone through the article menu. For example, you can morph links and image blocks, PHP symbols, blocks, and output Symbols.

Rapid PHP Editor’s other options allow users to view documents and files without scripting, view tokens, view languages, code, and SQL Explorer, and customize panel tools. And signal conversion design. Contains macro documentation, including word wrap, URL Markers, Automatic Spell Checker, W3C Checker, and HTML CSE. Projects can be retrieved and downloaded via FTP.

Rapid PHP Editor Crack 2023 17.6.0 [Latest Version]

Quick PHP Editor is a great resource. It uses less CPU and RAM, good response times, and lots of accompanying documentation. Our tests turned up with no error messages, and the app didn’t freeze or crash. In general, Rapid Php Editor has a wide range of options designed for programming code, which are chosen by professional experts.

Rapid PHP Editor is a faster and more powerful PHP editor for Windows that combines the built-in PHP Ide environment Rapid PHP for PC is an all-in-one software with tools to code, debug, inspect, use, navigate and format your system. code for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web development languages. With Rapid PHP editor for desktop, you can use markups, save time and increase productivity.

Why Rapid PHP Editor?

  • Quick Start

Unlike other bulky PHP IDEs, you don’t have to wait for it to load.

  • No confusion

Rapid PHP Editor is fast, clean, and easy to use. It’s very powerful, but not cluttered with useless buttons or panels.

  • Excellent FTP / SFTP / FTPS functions

Upload/update your website files online with just a few clicks.

  • Very integrated tools

Syntax checkers, validators, debuggers, beautifiers, prefixes, etc.

Rapid PHP Editor

Why We Use Rapid PHP Editor Today?

  • Start coding faster

Rapid PHP Editor combines the power of a simple code editor with the power of a full-size IDE that lets you work faster.

  • It is easy to change

The interface and behavior are compatible with other editors. All the main features are due to the correct location.

  • It can be fixed

You can edit the text editor, menus, toolbars, hotkeys, and everything according to your needs.

Key Features:

Quick PHP/IDE Editor

  • Load much faster than any other PHP editor or PHP IDE with similar features

Updated powerful syntax highlighting!

  • Supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Smarty, XML, SQL, Apache, and more

Updated code intelligence!

  • Tons of full smart code, navigation, and referencing features for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Smarty

powerful editor

  • Unicode support, parenthesis matching, code folding, auto-complete, auto-replace, multi-highlight, and more

HTML5 and CSS3 are ready Updated!

  • Encoding features are up to date with modern standards.

Powerful updated CSS features!

  • Inspector, Compatibility Watch, Pfizer, Code Wizards, Browser Preview, and more

Advanced search and replace

  • Go to anything, quick search, detailed search, file search, general expressions, detailed results, and more

Smarty and Framework Compatibility

  • Powerful support for smart PHP templating engine and popular PHP frameworks

Updated debugger and validators!

  • xDebug PHP Debugger, Realtime PHP Checker, Spell Checker, W3 HTML & CSS Validator, JSLint JavaScript Checker

Live FTP / SFTP / FTPS Updated!

  • Edit directly on your web server or publish local development copy updates with a single click

Effective code reuse

  • Library of code snippets and code templates with assignable shortcuts

Loading tools

  • Code beautifier, dynamic to-do, color picker, X-ray, etc.


  • Word editor
  • Highlight grammar
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, Python, XML, WML, Perl, SQL, Apache, SASS, Iti
  • Advanced text editor
  • Line number, valley, margin, word wrapping, block selection, and more
  • Unicode Support
  • BOM without UTF-8, UTF-8, UTF-16
  • Small Code Plan
  • Keep the code
  • Separate the edit
  • Macro Writer
  • Search & Navigate
  • Go for something
  • Continue to any file, symbol, word, or line
  • Be Brilliant
  • All contexts of the selected text are marked
  • Find and replace
  • Quick search, detailed search, general information, detailed results, and more
  • Search and replace files
  • Good navigation
  • Quick jump between landmarks and nearby locations
  • Emphasize fences
  • An HTML markup
  • It is easy to identify similar and missing symptoms
  • Keyguard
  • Close the fences automatically
  • Close quotes automatically
  • Smart copy and cutting
  • If nothing is selected, the word is truncated/omitted with a cursor (common shortcut)
  • Smart attachment
  • If nothing is selected, the word is replaced with a cursor (default shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + V)
  • Emmet mono
  • Utility path
  • Flexible interface tab
  • Drag tab and port, multi-tracking support
  • Quick interface conversion
  • Hide/show all sidebar ads with one key
  • Detailed requirements
  • Workspace layouts, keyboard shortcuts, text editor behaviors, toolbars and menus, and more.
  • Language tools
  • Code Knowledge
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Smarty
  • Explorer / Navigator code
  • Access to online reference
  • HTML and CSS Browser
  • HTML helper
  • The HTML markup will be closed automatically
  • CSS Assistant
  • Box Editor, Gradient Editor, Shadow editor
  • Line color preview in CSS
  • Support for mobile development
  • Visual Assistant, CSS Media Questions
  • Support for Google Fonts
  • It has HTML and CSS code decoration
  • CSS prefixes
  • CSS minified
  • SASS support and less
  • Admission to W3 Authorities

More Highlights:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Integrating with CSS HTML Validator
  • Introduction to HTML Tide for HTML5
  • Framework support
  • Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 5
  • JavaScript
  • Javascript framework support
  • jQuery, React, Vue.js.
  • Javascript code descriptor
  • Reduce Javascript code
  • Joining JSHint
  • The PHP grammar checker for real-time
  • PHP Debugging (xDebug)
  • The web server is available with a non -configuration package
  • PHP framework support
  • Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Nette, Prado, CakePHP, WordPress
  • Expert support
  • Intelligent code
  • PHP code descriptor
  • PHP 8 is ready
  • Other languages
  • Apache .htaccess file support
  • Apache Syntax Miramira
  • File management
  • Built-in File Browser
  • Edit/save directly on FTP / SFTP / FTPS server or quickly publish converted files
  • FTP / SFTP / FTPS browser built
  • Project management
  • Manage specific themes, search through themes, and generate changes with a single click
  • SVN and Git integration
  • With TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGit
  • One-click HTML publishing
  • Publish the HTML file with all linked files (images, CSS, js) and resubmit
  • Preview
  • Internal preview
  • Chrome and IE publishing, screen-split mode, screen-size testing
  • XRay your HTML / CSS
  • One-click preview in the website browser
  • Preview via the webserver
  • Outside or inside
  • Plugin support
  • Add your features by writing plugins
  • Plugins can be written in JScript and use the powerful Chromium engine
  • Plugin catalog
  • Others
  • HTML color options
  • Choose from screen type, file colors, theme colors, color palettes, lightweight editing, RGB / rgba / HSL / hsla support
  • ToDo line
  • With TODO, FIXME, and modified symbols
  • Clipboard multiple items
  • Code snippet library
  • Code samples, customizable shortcuts
  • Quick SQL Explorer
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite, etc.
  • Portable mode
  • Run it from the USB stick
  • Easy settings‌ Import / Export
  • Crash recovery system
  • Introducing different tools

What’s New?

  • Version 2023 included many major product enhancement features, such as Code MiniMap, a full-featured FTP client with native side-by-side ads, and a long-term color font preview.
  • Other updates include PHP 8 support and other minor improvements.


  • Window XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor 2 GHz Intel Core
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 430 MB Hard Space
  • Personal use of free

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Rapid PHP Editor Crack 2023 17.6.0 With Activation Key [Latest]

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